Translation of a Translation Package


You can translate a translation package that you created in the HTML-Based Documents area.

The translation package contains all the components of the chosen folder or content objects.


The translation package to be translated was created with the KW Translator option and is stored on the PC.

Process Flow


       1.      You start the SAP KW Translator.

       2.      You open the translation package.

The contents of the translation package are displayed sorted by the component of the content objects to be translated.

       3.      You translate the contents of the translation package.

With an editor, you can only translate a content object that is marked as the primary component and whose technical name is displayed.

Primary components are objects that were checked into SAP KW as independent content objects.

If you want to translate other components of the content object using an editor, you must mark these components as primary components.

       4.      You assign Translated status.

Only translation packages whose content objects have Translated status can be checked in.

       5.      You close the SAP KW Translator.


The translation package is translated and can be read back into SAP KW.