Translating a Content Object with the Editor


In the KW Translator you translate content objects of info object classes Slide, Text and Topic using MS PowerPoint or MS Word. These two editors are started automatically when you want to translate content objects.

Content objects of info object class HTML can be translated in a special HTML editor provided by the Knowledge Warehouse.


The translation package to be translated was created with the KW Translator option and is stored on the PC.

The translation package contains content objects of info object classes Slide, Text, Topic or HTML.

You are in the KW Translator.

The content object to be translated is marked as a primary component.


To translate a content object with the appropriate editor:

  1. Double-click on the content object.

    The appropriate editor is started. The content object is marked as open in the KW Translator.

    Two windows are displayed. One window contains the original language file and the other one contains the target language file.

    If you only see one window (e.g. when translating HTML objects), move this window. The second window lies below it.

  2. Translate the content object and save the translation.
  3. Close the editor.

Both windows are closed.


The content object is translated. It is marked with status In Translation in the KW Translator.

You can set the status to Translated when you have completed translation of the content object.