Translating HTML-Based Documents with the SAP KW Translator


The SAP Knowledge Warehouse Translator is a tool with which you can translate the following info objects:

·        Complete Web sites in the HTML-Based Documents area

·        Info objects checked in as multimedia objects (in any format) in the HTML-Based Documents area of SAP KW

The SAP KW Translator is a 32-bit front-end application for Microsoft Windows permitting easy editing of translation packages (Explorer, status management).

Files in a format that cannot be edited can be translated by checking in an existing file as translation (multimedia translation).

You can translate the specified info objects using the SAP KW Translator without an online link to an SAP KW system.

Implementation Considerations

The SAP KW Translator is installed from the Knowledge Warehouse component of the SAP GUI CD.


Translation packages whose contents can be translated with the SAP KW Translator are created in the HTML-Based Documents area of SAP KW.


·        Support in translation of all formats that are registered in SAP KW, such as

Ў        HTML

Ў        XML

Ў        Microsoft Word, Microsoft PowerPoint, Microsoft Visio

Ў        Graphics, record formats, and so on (for example, translate films by checking in a synchronized version)

·        Insertion of translated files in the translation package

·        Semi-automated status management

·        Support by

Ў        Flow control (WDFTRACE.EXE)

Ў        Message file Protocol.txt (in the package directory)