Transferring Values From Cost Planning as Budget

Course Prerequisites

Budget allocation for a project or an order is generally preceded by a cost plan that provides the initial basis for determination and allocation of the budget. As the system enables detailed planning of project or order costs, it is relatively simple to transfer the planned values as budget.

You must first create an order or a project with a structure plan, and execute cost planning.

For more information on creating a project structure plan, see the SAP Library under Accounting ® Project System ® Structures ® Project Structure Plan (PSP) ® Processing the Work Breakdown Structure.

For more information on cost planning for a project structure plan, see the SAP Library under Accounting ® Controlling ® Costs ® Cost Planning ® Manual Cost Planning in the Work Breakdown Structure.

Procedure for Projects

  1. Choose Logistics or Accounting -> Project System -> Controlling -> Budgeting -> Original Budget -> Change.
    If necessary, the system asks you to set the controlling area.
    The Change Original Budget: Initial Screen appears.
  2. Enter the necessary data and choose Original budget.
    The Change Original Budget: WBS Element Overview screen appears.

The Budgeting business transaction is allowed only on the WBS elements that are ready for input, and thus can be budgeted.

3. Use either the Period list box or Goto ® Period to choose the period that you want to budget.

  1. Use Settings ® Version to choose the version whose plan values you want to transfer as budget.

The Plan total consists of the following


Structure planning value (independent of cost element)


Cost element planning value


Unit costing value


Value of the additive orders for a project, meaning the orders assigned to this and all lower-level WBS elements.
( = Overall planning value that is cost element independent + Value of cost element planning + Unit costing values)


Value of the additive networks and network activities that are assigned to this and all lower-level WBS elements.
( = Plan costs of the networks or activities)


Plan total

  1. Choose Continue
    The values of the chosen plan version are displayed in the Plan Total column of the table control.
  2. Select the Plan Total of Table Control column.
    The system displays the values in the selected plan version as a view.
  3. Select the WBS elements that contain the plan values you want to use as the budget.
  4. Choose Edit -> Copy view
    If the current budget currency differs from the controlling area currency, the system translates the planning data from the controlling area currency to the budget currency.
    The Copy view dialog box appears.
  1. Enter the percentage of the plan total and decide whether the value is to
  • Overwrite the existing value
  • Be added to the existing value
  1. Choose Continue.
    You transfer the plan totals for the selected WBS elements as budget values, taking into account the selected percentage. You can adapt the values by overwriting.
  2. Save the entered budget values.