Copying Views


In the WBS element overview, you can transfer a percentage of a view as budget, or add it to existing budget values.


  1. Choose Accounting ® Project system ® Controlling ® Budgeting ® Original Budget ® Change ® Original Budget.
  2. Select the view (column in the table control) that you want to transfer or add.
  3. Select the WBS elements to which you want to copy the selected view.
  4. Choose Edit -> Copy view
    The Copy View dialog box appears.
  5. Enter the percentage of the view and specify whether the value is to
      • Overwrite the existing value, or
      • Be added to the existing value.
  1. Choose Continue.

According to the percentage that you chose, the system takes the values from the installed view as budget values or adds them to existing budget values. It does this for the selected WBS elements.

You can adapt the values by overwriting.

The view currency may differ from the budgeting currency. If so, the system converts the values to be copied into the relevant budgeting currency.