Budget Allocation Prerequisites

The following settings determine whether a budget can be allocated to a WBS element or an order:

  • Budget profile in the project definition

You store a budget profile or order type in the project definition. This profile contains the control parameters for budgeting. In Customizing, under Project System ® Costs ® Budget ® Define Default Budget Profile for Project Definitions you define:

  • The period of time during which budgeting is allowed
  • Whether budgeting is allowed for total annual values, and/or annual values

The following are additional ways in which you can assign a budget profile to a project:

  • As a default in customizing under Project System ® Costs ® Budget ® ® Maintain Budget Profile
  • In the profile data of a standard project definition under Accounting ® Project System ® Project ® Special Maintenance Functions ® Project Structure Planning ® Project Definition ® Create ® Control tab page ® Group box Accounting ® Budget Profile
  • In the profile data of a project definition in Customizing under Project System ® Structures ® Operative Structures ® Project Structure Plan ® Create Project Profile
  • Status

You can allocate budget after the status Created has been reached. If you want to prohibit budget allocation in the Created status, you need to define a user status.

For more information on status management in the project system and for internal orders, and on how to create a user status, see Status Management or status management for internal orders.