The PPF is made up of the following parts:

Action Profile

An action profile contains action definitions and the settings for all the action definitions in the profile.

Common profiles contain reusable actions, such as sending e-mail, and can be included into other profiles.

Action Definition

The action definition describes the content of an action independently of the processing type. However, the types with which the actions of this action definition can be processed, as well as the partners with which the actions can be executed, are assigned to the action definition.

Action Determination

The determination checks whether the conditions for scheduling the actions have occurred using the attributes of the application documents that are available via the business object assigned in Customizing. The technology used for the determination is specified per action definition. The standard determination uses workflow rules.

Action Merging

The actions found are added to the action list or the worklist. The new actions are merged with any actions in the action list that have not yet been executed, according to specific criteria. This is the case if an existing application document is changed, for example. As the data has changed, actions found when creating the document may be obsolete, or there may be new actions.

Action List

Actions that have been scheduled by the determination for an application document are inserted in an action list. Users can display the action list and if necessary edit it.


A worklist contains actions that can be scheduled manually.

Processing (Type)

The processing is the processing type that is responsible for the execution of a particular action (for example printing, sending, or starting a workflow) at runtime. The application data is formatted to suit the processing in question. A partner function can be entered as the processing target (mail recipient).

The following graphic illustrates the connections:

The executed actions are permanently linked with the application document and are also deleted with it.