Action Processing


A scheduled action is initially only a management record. The processing generates the desired output format, such as print, fax, or workflow. A processing logic transfers the application data to the processing program.

For example, in the 'call' action the information like customer, contract, and responsible sales employee is transferred to the workflow and the workflow is started, which places the 'call' work item in the inbox of the sales employee.


The PPF provides a number of processing types. The following are currently supported using Smart Forms:

  • Print
  • Fax
  • Mail

The following technologies can also be used as processing types:

  • BAdI
  • Workflow
  • External communication (print, fax, mail, incorporating copy recipients and attachments). Note that if you choose print here, only the main document is printed, not the attachments.

Application developers can use these processing types, adapt them to meet their requirements, or use their own types.