Processing Time


The processing of an action can take place at different times. It can be started as soon as an action is scheduled, that is, after document posting. However, it is also possible for the action to be only scheduled initially. Processing can then be started later at a specific time, under specific conditions, or manually by a user.





Started by

Processing when the document is saved

In this processing type, actions are processed immediately after document posting, that is, immediately before a COMMIT WORK.

After posting an order, an order confirmation is sent immediately by mail.

Application program (implicitly the PPF)


 Not currently supported for fax, mail, or print.

The actions are started immediately after being created or selected from the worklist.

Generate credit memo item.

As above


A selection report can select the actions to be processed and start their processing. The PPF provides the report RSPPFPROCESS (or transaction SPPFP) for this purpose.

All faxes are to be sent at night in a background run.

Print all order confirmations sorted according to sold-to party.

Scheduled job (in dialog or automatic)

It is also possible to incorporate start conditions. The start condition is checked before execution of the action. The action is only executed if the start condition is fulfilled.