Action Merging


Action merging is always necessary if existing, unprocessed actions have to be merged with newly found actions. This is the case if an existing document is changed, for example. Since the data has changed, actions that were found when creating the document can be omitted.

The PPF provides several merge technologies that permit only one unprocessed action for each action definition or processing type. The technologies cover the following situations:

  • An action has been found and is not yet in the action list. It is inserted into the action list.
  • An action has not been found but is in the action list. It is deleted from the action list and also from the database, if not changed manually.
  • An action has been found but is already in the action list. If the existing action has not already been changed manually, the new action replaces the existing action.
  • An action is executed a configurable maximum number of times. Any further actions found will not be executed.

The PPF also provides a merge technology that permits only one unprocessed action per partner.

You can also program your own merge technologies.