Action List


The PPF provides a standard user interface to display the actions that were found and added manually. You can also build your own user interface for your application. The APIs provide all the functions required to do this.


The standard interface can be called with the report RSPPFPROCESS or integrated in your application as a subscreen, which means that it can be displayed directly for the relevant application document, for example on a tab page. The interface displays the existing actions and their statuses for a document. Newly found actions are also displayed. A determination log documents in detail which actions have been newly found.

Additionally, the following functions are available:

  • Actions can be added manually.
  • There is a processing log for each processed action.
  • Processing can be repeated (if allowed).
  • Unprocessed actions can be deleted (if allowed).
  • Unprocessed actions can be processed (if allowed).
  • Settings can be overridden (printer, e-mail address, fax number, processing time, output medium, and so on).

For more information, see Action List Functions and Logs.