Post Processing Framework (BC-SRV-GBT)


The Post Processing Framework (PPF) provides SAP applications with a uniform interface for the condition-dependent generation of actions (for example, printing delivery notes, faxing order confirmations, or triggering approval procedures). The actions are generated if specific conditions occur for an application document. They are then processed either directly or later.

One month before the expiry of a quantity contract, the sales employee responsible receives a reminder to make a telephone call in their inbox. The purpose of the telephone call is to discuss a new contract.

The following graphic illustrates the function of the PPF:


The PPF is part of the SAP Web Application Server and can be used by the applications. It is the successor to Message Control and offers a wider functional scope, more simple connection to the applications, and greater flexibility.


The PPF provides tools for the scheduling, starting, and monitoring of actions. Determination, generation, and processing of actions can either take place automatically or with user interaction.

The PPF provides an evaluation of modifiable conditions for action determination. The application can set the determination technology, with which the conditions are evaluated, according to its requirements, or use its own determination technology.

The PPF provides processing types which take over the execution of various actions:

  • Printing, sending e-mails, and faxing with Smart Forms
  • Starting a workflow
  • Starting a Business Add-In

The processing types can be adopted by the application, adapted to meet the requirements of the application, or replaced with the application’s own processing types.

The PPF additionally provides tools for the administration of actions. It also provides an action overview with status display, determination logs, and processing logs. The overview can be included in the application as a subscreen.