Archive Administration


The Archive Administration (transaction SARA) enables you to administer all your archiving programs (write, delete, read, and reload) and generate background jobs for these programs. Archive Administration also allows you to manage your archiving sessions, set Customizing settings, interrupt and continue archiving sessions, display data archiving statistics and display a network graphic for your archiving object.

The complete data archiving functions are only available if they are executed using transaction SARA. Archiving sessions for archiving with BC_ARCHIVE can only correctly be included or excluded when SARA is used.

In addition, SARA runs different checks to make sure that data is not archived more than once. Some archiving objects require that no duplicate data exists in the archive, because duplicate data may lead to errors when check sums are performed on archived data.

When you schedule a write job, transaction SARA checks whether

§         The variant you have chosen is already being used by another write job

§         Incomplete or interrupted archiving sessions exist

Keep in mind, however, that if either of the two aforementioned situations is true, the program will merely provide a warning informing you of this situation. You can still continue to schedule your write session, although you should be careful how you proceed.

Transaction SARA does not check whether or not the selection values of the different variants overlap. This means that you may be archiving the same data twice, without receiving a warning message.

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