Evaluating Survey Results


You analyze the results of a survey to find out which answers were given to the questions in the questionnaire.


There are already questionnaires with the status "answered". You recognize this by the green traffic light in the Status column of the target group hierarchy in the Survey Cockpit.


  1. Enter the transaction code SURVEY to start the Survey Cockpit.

    The Overview of Surveys screen appears.

  2. Open the survey the results of which you want to evaluate by double-clicking on the corresponding list entry.

The Change Survey: <Name of Survey> screen appears.

  1. In the structure view of the target group hierarchy set the Analysis indicator for the target group the answers of which you want to evaluate.
  2. Choose Goto ® Analysis.

    The system displays a graphic in the right screen area in which the results of the first question of the questionnaire are visualized.

    Only those results are included in the analysis that come from the target group selected before.

  3. Choose Navigation to evaluate the results for another question.
  4. To change the appearance of the graphic, choose Layout Settings and then Change.

    This function has the effect that you can call up a context menu with the right mouse button on the graphic area that contains numerous commands for processing the graphic. Choose Layout Settings and then Save to save your changes, or choose Layout Settings and then Standard Layout to return the graphic to the original status.

  5. To export the graphic into a file, choose Save as Local File.

    The system displays a file selection dialog.

  6. Enter the file name and if necessary select the target directory.

The system saves the file in GIF format. You can process the exported file with a graphic editor and include it in another program.