Meaning of the Symbols: Survey Cockpit

You are offered numerous operating elements in the Survey Cockpit, most of them have a symbol which represents the respective function. In this section, you get a complete overview of the symbols used and their meaning.



Target Group Hierarchy. The symbol indicates the uppermost node of the hierarchy.

Insert Target Group. Inserts a new file into the target group hierarchy in order to group the total quantity of addressees according to any criteria. You can execute certain operations in the Survey Cockpit specifically for addressees, who are grouped together under a target group.

Insert Recipient. Inserts an addressee, who is known as a user or business partner in the system, or whose e-mail address you want to enter manually. The different business partner types have the following symbols: Person, Group, Organization.

Insert Attribute. Inserts a data element of a characteristic through which the addressees can be determined. Attributes offer the possibility to structure personalized questionnaires that contain recipient-related elements.

Refresh Status Display. Refreshes the status of the survey with regard to the active questionnaire and the selected addressees.

Call Up Questionnaire in Browser. Presents the active questionnaire in the Web browser.

Send Questionnaire. Sends the active questionnaire to the recipient marked in the target group hierarchy.

Update Answers. Transfers the answers of a returned questionnaire to the database.

Copy Target Groups. Assigns a target group to a survey that was already used in another survey, instead of the currently selected target group.

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