Making Assignments and Sending Questionnaires


Surveys and questionnaires are managed as separate objects in the Web Survey that must be assigned to each other in order to carry out a survey. You make this assignment by assigning the desired questionnaires in the context of a survey. You can assign one or several questionnaires to a survey, and you can assign the same questionnaire to one or several surveys.

After you have assigned at least one questionnaire to a survey, you can start the survey. Here the active questionnaire is sent to the recipients you specified who are contained in the target group hierarchy of the survey. You can either select all recipients or a partial quantity of recipients contained in the target group hierarchy.


To be able to send a questionnaire the prerequisites must be fulfilled that are described in the section Preparatory Steps for Using the Web Survey.


Assign Survey and Questionnaire to each other

  1. Enter the transaction code SURVEY to start the Survey Cockpit.

    The Overview of Surveys screen appears.

  2. Open one of the existing surveys by double-clicking on the corresponding list entry.

    The Change Survey: <Name of Survey> screen appears.

  3. To assign a questionnaire to the survey, choose Assign Questionnaire in the right screen area.

    The system displays a list of all existing questionnaires from which you can select the desired questionnaire by simply clicking on it. The system assigns the questionnaire you selected to the survey.

  4. Repeat the previous step to assign other questionnaires to the survey.

Note that the system automatically makes a newly assigned questionnaire the active questionnaire of the survey. The active questionnaire is sent to the recipients when the survey is started.

You can also assign a questionnaire to a survey that you create new in the context of the survey. The system automatically assigns a questionnaire created in this way to the current survey.

  1. Save your assignments.

Send Questionnaire

  1. Open the survey that contains the target group hierarchy of the recipients who you want to send the questionnaire to.
  2. Make sure that the active questionnaire of the survey is the one that you want to send.

The active questionnaire is the one whose name is displayed in the drop down list field Active Questionnaire. If several questionnaires are assigned to the survey you can select another questionnaire from the list and thus make it the active questionnaire of the survey.

  1. To check how the questionnaire is displayed in the Web browser, first select any recipient from the target group hierarchy and then choose Call Up Questionnaire in Browser.
  2. To edit the text of the letter with which you invite the recipients of the questionnaire to participate, choose Edit Letter.

The system opens a text editor in which you can enter the text of the letter.

The text contains a write-protected text variable /URL/. You cannot change or delete this variable but you can move it to another position in the letter. The system replaces this variable when sending the questionnaire with the URL under which the questionnaire is available for the recipients. The specific attribute of this URL depends on your system settings.

  1. In the target group hierarchy select the entry to which the recipients are assigned who you want to send the questionnaire to.

You can also select one individual recipient to test that the questionnaire is sent correctly before you send it to the whole target group.

  1. Choose Send Questionnaire.

The system sends the active questionnaire to the selected recipients.


The questionnaire is sent to the recipients using the mail system of your company. If in the header data of the questionnaire the Questionnaire Changeable after Sending indicator is not set (this is the system default setting) then the questionnaire can no longer be changed. This is useful to make sure that the questionnaire saved in your system is identical to the questionnaire that you have sent to the recipients.