Preparatory Steps for Using the Web Survey


To use the full functionality of the Web Survey, you must first set up your system environment for this. The steps described below contain settings that you make in the SAP System and additional tasks that refer to the general IT infrastructure in your company (for example, network administration, e-mail management).


To carry out the settings described below, you require administrator authorization both for the SAP System and for the other objects of your IT infrastructure.

Process Flow

  1. Set up a user account for the internet mail gateway.

    When you carry out a survey with the Web Survey component, you send e-mails from the SAP System to the addressees that are grouped together in a target group hierarchy. In turn, the addressees return the completed electronic questionnaires with the answer function of their e-mail client to the system. This means that the SAP System in which you work with the Web Survey must have an internet mail address assigned, so that incoming e-mails can be forwarded to the system (and do not remain on the receiving mail server as is usual for e-mail addresses that are assigned to employees). You ask the IT department of your company responsible to set up a user account.

  2. Set up a system user

    In the SAP System you require a dedicated user account to handle the incoming and outgoing e-mail traffic. The user account to be set up for this should be of the user type "system". Assign the authorization profile S_A.SCON to the account as the only authorization.

  3. Assign system user to the virtual host SAPconnect

    As part of the Internet Communication Framework (ICF) SAP delivers the virtual host SAPconnect that enables the communication with the SAP System using different logs (for example, fax, SMTP, X.400). You must assign the system user set up before to this virtual host and subsequently activate the entry. This is the prerequisite to correctly process e-mails sent to the SAP System.

  4. Determine exit rules for inbound processing

In this last step, you assign the recipient address for e-mail processing (the specific characteristic values of which result from the previous steps) to an ABAP OO class that has the role of an exit function. Implementing this class determines which actions are triggered in the SAP System when an e-mail arrives that is sent to the assigned recipient address. You make this setting in transaction SO50.


The system is now configured so that you can use all the functions of the Web Survey based on the e-mail processing of the SAP System. You can control the mail traffic with the SAPconnect function. In the SAP menu, choose Tools ® Business Communication ® Communication ® SAPconnect.

From the SAPconnect screen you can request a detailed list of the mails sent from the system using Utilities ® Overview of sent orders.

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