Sending Data by Evaluating Change Pointers

Address data to be distributed can not only be sent directly, but also by evaluating change pointers. In this case, the sending process is not triggered by the primary object (application object), but executed by the Shared Master Data (SMD) tool of the ALE layer. The SMD tool evaluates the change pointers (in a periodic job, for example) and calls function modules MASTERIDOC_CREATE_SMD_ADRMAS , MASTERIDOC_CREATE_SMD_ADR2MAS and MASTERIDOC_CREATE_SMD_ADR3MAS for the addresses.

To ensure that Business Address Services generate change pointers when modifications are saved, the indicator for writing change pointers must be set for the master data object in table TSADRV . This is necessary for the customer and vendor master, for example. For bank master data, no change pointers are generated for the addresses since bank addresses are always sent directly.

In addition, the writing of change pointers has to be activated for the message types of BAS in ALE Customizing (see: Settings in ALE Customizing).