Integration of the BAS

Mapping of User Addresses

Each user (or office user) has an address of the workplace address type (type 3). This address refers to a company address mapped in the BAS by means of address type 1 (company address).

Data Conversion for User Addresses

As of Release 4.0, the address functions of user administration are implemented by the BAS. Using the XPRA RSXADR03, the address tables of the users (USR03) and the SAPoffice users (SADRP) valid prior to Release 4.0 were migrated into the BAS tables, together with the associated company addresses (SADR) (see also: Data Conversion).

Tables converted

Source table

Target table(s)







During conversion, the BAS create where-used lists as follows:

  • For converted user addresses, in table ADRVP (usage of the person)
  • For converted company addresses assigned to users, in table ADRV (usage of the company address)

Once the conversion process is complete, both the user (through the fields ADDRNUMBER and PERSNUMBER of table USR21) and the SAPoffice user (SOUD-USRADR) point to the same address. They are both owners of this address.

All users are assigned to person group BC01. Similarly, the BAS assign address group BC01 to all company addresses that are associated with users. Company addresses created after the data conversion process is complete are always assigned to the same address group (BC01), and the users can only be assigned to addresses from this address group.

All addresses in table SADRP that are not associated with a user are assigned to person group SOEX (external SAPoffice communication partners) during conversion.