Determination of Fields for Error-Tolerant Search

A defined number of address fields can be indexed in the search index in Releases 4.6B and 4.6C. The following factors determine which fields enter the search index:

  • Control table TSAD10 lists all fields for which indexing is possible in the SAP System and is supported by the standard programs. The setting is dependent on the address type.
  • In addition to the fields entered in table TSAD10 in 4.6B/C, other fields from additional address tables (for example, e-mail addresses) or application tables (for example, date of birth or business partner's DUNS number) are to be supported as indexable fields in the future.

The number and selection of fields that can be indexed by the partner tool are usually product features of the partner tool. Referring to the interface specified here, the number of indexed fields is always a subset of the fields predefined by SAP. At the same time, the partner may enable the customer to set the fields to be indexed in Customizing for each index pool.

This Customizing is not provided by the SAP standard because the partner may have restrictions as to the total number of fields supported by SAP.

The list of fields for each index pool is available in method READ_INDEX_FIELD_LIST of the business add-in ADDRESS_SEARCH.

If this method does not return a field list, a default setting is used, which is delivered in table TSAD10 for each field and address type.