Telephone and Fax Checks

The checks for telephone and fax numbers are identical. The function module TELNUMBER_STRUCT_TO_NORMAL is called to check formatting. It, in turn, calls the function module TELNUMBER_FORMAT.

The country is required to determine the country code for telephone and fax numbers. The country can be specified in the field predefined for it. If no country is specified, the system automatically enters the country of the associated address (exception: Address-independent communication data). The system checks whether:

  • The country is valid according to table T005 (if it is not, the system outputs an error message)
  • A valid country code for the country is stored in table T005K (if not, the system outputs an error message).

The country codes are maintained in Customizing under General Settings ® Set countries ® Define country codes.

Using the country code, a normalized form of the address is also derived and is stored redundantly in a separate field. The field is ADR2-TELNR_LONG for telephone numbers and ADR3-FAXNR_LONG for fax numbers. These fields are also contained in transfer structures but can only be read. Filling these fields has no effect with change accesses. The system always derives the content from the other fields.

Country = De , telephone number = (06227) 7 , extension = 47474

This entry is converted into the following normalized form: +496227747474

The normalized field is used for the search for telephone numbers or fax numbers. To use the correct format in a program-driven search for telephone numbers or fax numbers with the function module ADDR_COMM_FIND_KEY, the search string should be normalized using the function module TELNUMBER_STRUCT_TO_NORMAL before the function module ADDR_COMM_FIND_KEY is called.

Telephone Number and Fax Number Format Checks

Permitted characters: Besides digits and letters, only the following characters are allowed: ) / ( - * # and blank characters.



Leading character " + "

This causes a warning to be output because the specification of country code in the form +49 should not occur in the field Telephone number/Fax number.

Leading character "&"

No address formatting takes place. This is normally only relevant for internal program calls, for example if a number of a PBX or of a fax server is transferred.


The field for the telephone or fax number is 30 characters long for compatibility reasons. There is also a 10 character field for the extension. The combination of both field contents with the country code cannot be more than 30 characters because the total number is stored in a 30 character field. If the length is exceeded, an error message is output.

Division of the number into area code and subscriber number

The system checks whether the content of the "Telephone number" or "Fax number" fields can be divided into area code and subscriber number using the separators ) / ( - . If not, a warning message is output.

Empty "Extension" field for contact person addresses (type 3)

If the field is empty, a warning is output.