Address Maintenance in Customizing

Address maintenance in Customizing is a generic service provided by the Business Address Services and extended table maintenance. If address maintenance has been integrated for an object, an address icon is displayed in extended table maintenance, which can be used to call a BAS maintenance dialog box. During this process, extended table maintenance calls BAS function modules such as ADDR_DIALOG and ADDR_SINGLE_SAVE.


The Customizing table must have been registered in table TSADRV (see also: Maintenance of Where-Used Lists). Using function module ADDR_TSADRV_READ, the BAS check in transaction SM30 if such an entry exists.

Normally, all entries are similar. See T001-ADRNR, for example.

When registering the Customizing table, you also specify an address group. The BAS has defined the address group CA01 for Customizing objects. Customers should use address group ZA01 for self-defined Customizing tables. If this address group does not yet exist, it must first be defined before it can be assigned. Also, if customer objects are deleted, you must check if address group ZADE exists.

Customizing addresses of SAP objects belong to address group CA01, while the Customizing addresses of customer objects belong to address group ZA01. When you delete a Customizing object, the address is not deleted for technical reasons. Instead, the address is set to address group CADE(or ZADE for customer objects).