Applications Not Affected

Data conversion for Release 4.0 is not required for applications that:

  • Had address functions added for Release 4.0 and directly used BAS
  • Used BAS (CAM) prior to Release 4.0.

For completeness, these applications are also listed below:

Address Functions Added for 4.0

  • Additional addresses in Customizing:
    • Company code - EC tax numbers/periodic declarations
    • Lockboxes for house banks
    • Locations for installations
    • Address determination from plant and storage location
  • Addresses in purchase requirements (as with purchase orders)
  • Material Management/Purchasing: Addresses for one-time vendors
  • Address in plant maintenance and service orders
  • Address in site master (Retail)
  • Using BAS (CAM) in SAPphone, for example, for inbound calls in Service Management

Applications That Used BAS (CAM) in a Release Prior to 4.0

  • Material Management/Purchasing: Permanent delivery addresses for purchase orders
  • Central business partner entry in several Industry Solutions
  • IS-Utilities (business partners, connection objects)
  • IS-OIL (Physical Business Locations)
  • Foreign Trade (letter of credit processing)

For more information, see the release notes for Release 4.0.