Applications Affected

Applications Using Address Type 1

·        All addresses for Customizing objects, including the following in ERP:

Ў        Company code

Ў        Plant/branch

Ў        Sales organization

Ў        Sales office

Ў        Shipping point

Ў        Transportation planning point

Ў        Transportation connection point

Ў        Taxes on sales/purchasing groups (address and tax office address)

Ў        Personnel area

Ў        Company code - reply slip addresses (balance confirmations)

Ў        Table T5G52 (tax district and reference details)

Ў        Table J_1BBRANCH (CGC branch)

·        Materials Management/Purchasing: manual delivery addresses for purchase orders

·        Plant Maintenance and Service Management (functional locations, equipments, notification, order)

·        Shipment documents (SD/WS)

·        KANBAN (different delivery addresses)

·        Delivery addresses for reservations/dependent requirement

Applications Using Address Type 3

·        User addresses and SAPoffice user (office user) addresses: The addresses in USR03 and SADRPare integrated into a common data structure with consistent maintenance interface and functions.

·        Addresses for external communication partners (companies and contacts) for SAPoffice

Applications Using Address Types 1 and 3

·        All subsequent functions in SAPoffice that access addresses directly, such as external sending and receiving, distribution lists with addresses, substitutes (external),

·        SAPconnect (based on SAPoffice)