Division into Index Pools, and Control Tables for the Search

The search indexes for address data, as well as the address data itself, are client-dependent. There can now be other differentiations within a client. These are called "Index pools".

The division reflects the fact that multiple areas of master data are involved, which differ from the business embedding in the SAP System and from the technical implementation.

Two such index pools are currently defined in table TSADRVGRP with a technical key derived from control table TSADRV:


Customers, vendors, plants


(Central) SAP business partner

Other index pools are possible, but are not delivered in the standard system.

The following single objects belong to the index pool KNA1 ADRNR, according to table TSADRVGRPE:


Customer master (address type 1)


Vendor master (address type 1)


Plant master and plants (address type 1)


Consumer (natural person, address type 2)

The grouping of single objects into an index pool resulted from an overlap between these areas.

A retail plant master can be, for example, customer, plant, and vendor at the same time; all three objects point to the same address. Whereas the "Consumer" (special customer account group) is stored differently, from a technical perspective, than a "normal" customer master, it cannot be separated from the "normal" customer master according to search aspects.

According to table TSADRVGRPE, only the single object BUT000 PARTNER (= SAP business partner) belongs to the index pool BUT000 PARTNER, but in both specifications for address type 1 and address type 2.

It is important that records from address type 2 (personal addresses, including first name, last name) as well as from address type 1 (company addresses with name1 and name2) are indexed and evaluated together in both index pools.

When searching for the business partner "Paul Smith", it is of no significance if a master record already exists in exactly this form or if only "Paul Smith Ltd." exists in the system, which in reality may be the same business partner and should therefore also be checked as a duplicate.