Creating Where-Used Lists

You create a new where-used list for an address or person in the following cases:

  • You assign a new address or person number
  • You save a new reference to an existing address or person, for example, if you add a workplace address for an existing person or enter a document that refers to an address.

The Where-Used List During Address/Person Number Assignment

You pass the structure of the where-used list using a parameter of function module <object> _NUMBER_GET (see Working with BAS). In the default setting, BAS automatically set the owner indicator (parameter OWNER ) when the number is assigned even if the structure passed specifies something different. If the address should not have an owner, you must set function module parameter OWNER to SPACE .

Whether an address has an owner or not is important when it comes to deleting the where-used lists and the address or person itself (see Deleting Where-Used Lists and Addresses).

Creating Additional Where-Used Lists

In order to create additional where-used lists, you use function module <object> _REFERENCE_INSERT . You must delete these where-used lists first before you can delete an address.