Standard Communication Method Checks

The system checks that only one record is defined as the standard value for each communication method. This is ensured in dialog through the program logic (radio buttons). An error message is returned if this consistency condition is not fulfilled in the function modules for creating and changing data.

Standard communication method value

A valid communication method can be maintained in the Standard communication method field using a dropdown list. This determines which communication method is to be the preferred communication method for an address. This specification can be used to decide automatically (on the program level) which communication method is to be used to send messages.

The possible communication methods are stored in system table TSAC. The application that integrates BAS can define restrictions for the dialog so that not all communication methods are proposed in the dropdown list.

The use of the dropdown list in dialog ensures that only permitted communication methods can be specified.

In the address check, the system checks, independently of the dialog, whether the value in the Standard communication method field exists in the TSAC table (foreign key check).

Irrespective of the entry in the Standard communication method field, the means of communication that can be used may depend on the application context.

Invitations are to be sent as letters only due to associated attachments, whereas an advertisement can be sent as a letter, fax, or e-mail.

"Communication strategies" can be defined for this purpose and integrated in the respective application context.

The communication strategies are found in Customizing by choosing SAP Web Application Server ® Basis Services ® Message Control and are mapped using table TCSTR.

Plausibility of standard communication method

System table TSAC shows the communication methods for which data is stored in an additional database table (for example, fax number, e-mail address). Such an additional table exists for each communication method (Telephone - ADR2, Fax - ADR3, and so on), with the exception of the communication methods "Letter" and "Visit". The system checks whether the standard communication method specified is plausible for each communication method, except for "Letter" and "Visit". The system checks whether an e-mail address is maintained for the standard communication method "E-mail". If not, a warning is output (T100 message AM 330).

The message type of this message can be changed in Customizing. The wording of the message can be changed as required (error message or info message/success message) or the message can be deactivated completely, using this setting. To do this, call transaction SM30 and enter V_T100C as the view name. Choose Maintain and specify the message area AM.