Address Groups


The address group is an attribute for an address or a person. By means of this group, an address is assigned to a person or an application.


Since the address data is stored centrally, the BAS tables contain addresses from different applications. If an application searched the address data without using a filter, the search result would also include addresses from other applications. This is why the BAS use address groups to divide the address data into logical groups. An address can be assigned to more than one group. This filter prevents the search process from returning addresses that do not belong to the application.


Application developers who want to use the BAS should clarify at an early stage if their application can be assigned to an existing group or if a new group is required. Address groups are stored in table TSAD7, and person groups are stored in table TSAD8.

Application developers must make the necessary group assignments for standard applications in cooperation with the BAS developers at SAP. Customers can define groups in the customer namespace for their own applications.