Address Management in People-Centric UI

Providing the BAS functionality as reusable objects offers the same advantages to the application developers as using the Business Address Services in SAP GUI:

?     Uniform layout of address data in all applications using the BAS

?     Address checks

0     Consistency and plausibility

0     Tax jurisdiction code

0     Duplicates

0     Postal validation

?     International address versions

?     Communication data

?     Substantial cost reductions due to reusability


The Business Address Services provide reusable tools for the new CRM-UI Interface that allow applications to maintain addresses. There are two ways the application can go:


       1.      The application uses the address controller provided by the BAS. This way, all details of an address can be maintained. Most of the document will deal with this scenario.

       2.      The application includes only some address fields in its own screen structure and uses the BAS Model Access Class to handle the changes. This option is discussed under Using the Address Functionality Without the Address Controller.

Changes to the content of this document can be found in SAP Note 583404.