Customer-Specific Settings

Settings in Customizing

In Customizing under General Settings ® Set countries ® Define countries (transaction OY01 ), you can assign a key for the country-specific formatting routine to each country. You do this in the group box Address format in the field Address layout key ( T005-ADDRS ). For countries that have a routine contained in the standard system, these fields are predefined accordingly.

It is also possible to define customer-specific formatting routines using the customer exit SZAD0001 . You must assign a key in the customer namespace from 900 to 999 to these routines.

Another Customizing parameter that affects the printing of addresses is the indicator 'Print country name' ( T005-XADDR ). This indicator is a setting that refers to the sender country of the address (in contrast to the address layout key which is assigned directly to each recipient country). This indicator controls if the country name or an ID is printed in foreign addresses.

Programming Self-Defined Formatting Routines

If you want to program your own formatting routine, you can use customer exit SZAD0001 in transaction CMOD .

You can find the documentation for this exit in transaction CMOD or with function module EXIT_SAPLSADR_001 .