Default Settings

BAS determine the formatting routine of an address based on the recipient country. To enable the system to do this, you assign a formatting routine to each country using the address layout key field in Customizing. The field accepts a three-digit numeric key. For many countries, this key has already been predefined in the standard SAP System.

This key is called formatting key in the following.

There are two number ranges:

  • 001 to 899: Reserved for country routines delivered by SAP
  • 900 to 999: Reserved for customer-defined formatting routines. If such a value has been assigned to a country in Customizing and an address in which that country is used is formatted, a customer exit is called instead of the function module ADDRESS_INTO_PRINTFORM .

For countries for which no formatting key has been maintained, the system uses a standard format that corresponds to formatting routine 010.

In the country settings, you can also maintain the vehicle country key. This key is then used as a postal code prefix for some European countries (see Country Formatting).