URI Checks

Internet addresses (and not e-mail addresses!) are grouped under the name "URI" ("Universal Resource Identifier", compare Internet-rfc 1630). These include URLs ("Uniform Resource Locator", compare Internet-rfc 1738) as well as FTP addresses and others.

When a URI address is entered, the system checks whether a valid URI type is specified. The valid URI types are stored as fixed values. This enables standard programs to be programmed using these defined URI types.

The database field ADR12-URI_ADDR for the URI address is a Longchar field with a length of 2048 characters (2K). There is a 132 character field for the screen display and a full-length field in the transfer structure ADURI and BAPIADURI (or 9 partial fields URI_PART1 to URI_PART9 in the BAPI structure). The function modules accept values in both fields. If both fields are filled at the same time, the long field has precedence.

When searching for URI addresses, the field ADR12-URI_SRCH is filled with the first 50 characters of the URI address, converted into uppercase letters. A hit list is determined in the search, using the search field. This hit list is refined by an exact comparison and returns the final search result.