Undo / Redo


By default, the Form Builder stores any changes you made to the form since last saving it, independent of whether the changes occurred in the navigation tree, in the Table Painter, in the Form Painter, in the PC Editor, or in the input fields of the maintenance screen. You can undo these changes step by step. And, after undoing, you can also redo the changes.


For this function, the Form Builder must store intermediate states of the form. This happens whenever you press RETURN or call an application function.

Under Utilities ® Settings on the General tab, the option Undo/Redo Form Changes must be marked, which is the default.


  1. To undo the last change, choose in the application toolbar of the Form Builder. To undo previous changes, you can call this function again.
  2. To restore the form state before the last undo action, that is, to redo the last change, choose in the application toolbar.

After calling one of these functions SAP Smart Forms re-compresses the nodes in the navigation tree. Otherwise the Form Builder would have to store the exact state of the navigation tree after each action. This would result in extensive losses in performance when working with the Form Builder.

  1. With very large form descriptions, storing the intermediate states can adversely affect the runtime when working with the Form Builder. In this case, deactivate the undo/redo functions. In the Form Builder settings, deselect the option Redo/Undo Form Changes .