General Concepts on Form Printing

Form printing covers creating and maintaining a form for mass printing in SAP systems. This includes design and layout of the form as well as form logic.

The layout determines the page structure, that is the number of differently structured pages and the positions of the output areas on these pages. Within the output areas, you use tables, paragraphs, paragraph formats and character formats to structure and format texts and data.

The form logic controls the dynamic formatting of the form. It allows you to display variable fields, to display texts only if a certain condition is true (for first dunning, use this text, for second dunning, use another), or to repeatedly process invoice items within a table.

Forms can be:

·        Order confirmations

·        Invoices

·        Account statements

·        Checks

·        Salary statements

·        Delivery notes

·        Customs forms

·        Industry-specific forms, such as quality forms in the automotive industry

The concepts on form printing presented below are independent of any tool. As of Release 4.6C, use SAP Smart Forms in the SAP system.

This documentation does not cover document output and control on printers. The description of the process ends with the transfer of a processed file to the output management, which is the spool in the SAP system (see also SAP Printing Guide (BC-CCM-PRN)).