Setting Shadings


You use shading to color an area.


To set a shading for one or more cells, you must deactivate the draw mode . Then you can select cells:

  • To mark a single cell, click it
  • To mark an entire line, press the SHIFT key and click the line
  • To enhance the current selection with other cells or lines, keep the CTRL key depressed when selecting the new cells or lines as described above
  • To mark all line types in the design area with the mouse, press CTRL-A


  1. Select the cell(s) you want to shade.
  2. Select a color from the Shading box.
    • If you change the color displayed in the Color list box, the cell is colored accordingly
    • If you want to shade a cell in the color currently displayed in the list box, click

When coloring the cell(s), the selection remains active. Thus, immediately after setting the shading, a color mixture is displayed that consists of the chosen shading color and the color indicating the selection. As soon as you select a different line, you will see that your cell(s) received the correct color.

  1. You selection remains active after setting the shading. To also set the saturation of your shading, enter it in the Saturation field and press RETURN .


The selected cells are colored according to your settings in the Table Painter as well as in the output. To reset any coloring, set the shading of the cell(s) to white.