Printing Old Tables


The concept of table output was changed due to the SAP Web Application Server 6.10. The new table node (see: Printing Data in a Table) shows the table maintenance in the navgation tree more clearly, because you must explicitly create table lines in the tree. In addition, the new table type automatically contains header, main, and footer areas so that you no longer need the Events tab.

For the old table type no new functions are developed. It will be replaced completely by the new one. This means that you can no longer create nodes of the old table type, but you can still edit your old tables. In the navigation tree, the old table node has received a new icon () to differenciate it from the new table type.


  1. Use the Table tab to change your table layout. You can still create new line types and edit existing ones.
  2. Use the Data tab to change your data selection. You can still add or delete event nodes at the beginning or end of a sort level in the navigation tree.
  3. Use the Events tab to change your output in the header and footer areas of the table. You can still delete and add these events.
  4. Change the table contents.