Describing a Form

You describe a form using a Smart Form. To do this, use the Form Builder (see also: Graphical User Interface):

  1. Describe the interface of the form. It results from the application data previously selected.
  2. Create one or more pages. On a page, you can position windows, addresses, and graphics. Within a window, you can create additional elements.
  3. Create elements (text, graphics, tables, and so on) for each page, using other tools of the Form Builder:
    • Use the Form Painter to position windows, graphics, and addresses on a page (the other elements are displayed in an assigned window).
    • Use the PC Editor to write your texts.
    • Use the Table Painter to format your tables.

For an overview of the elements available on page level, see Node Types: Overview.

  1. Use the flow control to control whether and when to print pages and elements.


When you activate your Smart Form, the Form Builder generates a function module that encapsulates the form description.