Final Window


You may want to display or query values on the first page that are determined only during processing. For example, you may want to name the grand total in the letter text of an invoice. However, this amount is determined only after listing all individual items. Or you may want to query on the first page within a condition the total number of pages, which the system calculates only after processing all pages.

In such a case, you use the final window: Processing first skips all windows of this type in the tree and works its way to the end of the tree. Only after the actual processing is finished, the final windows are processed in the order in which they appear in the tree (from top to bottom). Now any information is available that is known only at the end of the form processing.


As of Release 6.10 you can set this window type using a radio button on the General Attributes tab. For Releases 4.6C and 4.6D you must first upload a Support Package. Selection of this window type differs for these releases. For more information, refer to Note 359009 in SAPNet.


  1. Create a window.
  2. To set the window type, use the Window Type list box on the General Attributes tab.