Texts and Data in a Form


You enter text in an editor (see also Positioning Texts on the Form).

Data can be character strings or numbers. The system reads this data from a database and uses fields (parameters) to dynamically display it (see also Using Parameters in a Form).


To display texts and data in table format (for example, lists or invoice items), you use tables or templates (see also: Displaying Table Data).

To format texts and fields (data), you use paragraph and character formats. You assign paragraph formats to entire paragraphs and character formats to individual character strings, for example, to highlight a word.

The paragraph format determines:

  • Font family and font size,
  • Indents and spacing,
  • Text alignment within the paragraph,
  • Tabs,
  • Outline options, such as numbering,
  • Protection of paragraphs against page breaks.

To determine the paragraph and character formats, use the Smart Styles (see also Smart Styles).