Page Numbering

Smart Forms use page counters to determine the page number. Query these system fields for the page counters:

  • &SFSY-PAGE& for the current page number
  • &SFSY-FORMPAGES& for the total number of pages in the form
  • &SFSY-JOBPAGE& for the total number fo pages in all forms in the print job

Use the General Attributes tab of the page node to determine the properties of these page counters:

  • Use the Format box to determine whether to display the page number in Arabic or Roman numbers or in letters. The format refers only to the page number, that is, to the output of &SFSY-PAGE& .
  • Use the Mode box to determine which values you want the different page counters to accept (see below).

Values of the Page Counters

The settings in the Mode box have the following effects on the values of the page counters:

  • Initialize, Increase and Leave Counter Unchanged effect only &SFSY-PAGE& accordingly. &SFSY-FORMPAGES& and &SFSY-JOBPAGES& are increased by 1 independent of this setting.
  • Page and Overall Page Unchanged keeps &SFSY-PAGE& as well as &SFSY-FORMPAGES& unchanged.