Events Tab


You use the Events tab to define events at the beginning and end of a node (folder, complex section, table, loop), at which you display additional contents. To do so, SAP Smart Forms offers a header and a footer. These areas are especially useful for displaying table headings and totals lines.

With the new table nodes this tab is no longer needed because the new table node always contains the directly inferior nodes Header , Main Area , and Footer .


When you mark the header or footer checkbox, an event node Header or Footer appears in the navigation tree of the Form Builder; in the Output Event group you can now make further settings:

Options for headers and footers




at beginning of section


Inferior nodes of event node header are printed once at the beginning of the section, for example, before printing the table data.

at end of section


Inferior nodes of event node footer are printed once at the end of the section, for example, after all table data is printed.



For the footer, you must specify the height to tell the form processor how much space to reserve for the footer. This allows the form processor to postpone the processing of the footer until a page break occurs and enables you to use this area for printing subtotals.

at page break

Header and footer

For additional printing of the header after a page break and of the footer before a page break.

You must mark at least one checkbox in the Output Event group. Otherwise SAP Smart Forms will delete the header or footer.

Conditions for Header and Footer

Inferior nodes of the header and footer contain additional events ( only at page break , only at beginning of section, only at end of section ) on their Condition tabs. These events are input-enabled only when both fields of the Output Event group are marked (default setting). In this case, you are able to print different output depending on the output event. You can use these additional events to further narrow up the output event.


You cannot nest events. After you defined a header or footer for a section, no other subordinate section is allowed to define its own header or footer. In addition, if you use both header and footer, you must always define these areas in the same section. The Form Builder checks these conditions.