Controlling the Spool Dialog


Within the application progra, you want to adapt the spool dialog to your requirements or suppress it entirely.


The DEVICE parameter of the control structure must be set to 'PRINTER' (default).


The following parameters of the generated function module are of importance for controlling the spool dialog:

Parameters with Fields for Controlling the Spool Dialog




You use the fields of this structure to suppress the dialog entirely or to branch to the print preview only


You use the parameters of this structure to:

  • Preset values of input fields
  • Set comboboxes to read-only
  • Deactivate functions in the spool dialog (for example, printing from the print preview)


Determines whether to copy the settings made by the user. This affects certain input fields in the spool dialog.


In the dialog, the user may change preset values in input-enabled fields. You can use this structure to query the values of such fields after the dialog in order to check whether they have been changed.

For more information refer to Parameters of the Generated Function Module.