Integration in IACs (ITS Technology)

SAP recommends that you use the Web Application Server to implement applications that use Web forms (see: Integration in BSP Applications). Nevertheless, it is possible to integrate the Web forms generated with SAP Smart Forms into other technologies. As an example, we will look at the integration into IACs (Internet Application Components).

As a pilot project, an application for a coverage procedure between a hospital and a health insurance company was implemented. The hospital sends an e-mail to the health insurance company that contains a link to the IAC. In the IAC, the insurance company can retrieve coverage forms for patients and directly accept or reject coverage:

This IAC consists of several frames. The bottom right frame contains the Web form for accepting the coverage request.

Calling a Web Form

To integrate a Web form into an IAC, you use the WebRFC service of the ITS. You use this service to call a function module in the SAP System, which itself calls the form to generate the formatted XSF output. You have to return the formatted XSF output using the tables of the function module called by the IAC. The output must first be converted into the line structure of the target table.

The function module called by the IAC has a defined interface, which is known to the ITS. The function module XSF_WEBRFC_DEMO serves as an example and as a pattern for such a function module.

Querying Form Values

To evaluate the values that the user enters on the Web form, you use another function module with the same interface as XSF_WEBRFC_DEMO. The table QUERY_STRING contains the name/value pairs of the HTML form.

More Information on IACs and ITS

See: Web Transactions Tutorial and Application Programming Interface for Web Transactions