Output in HTML Format


The simple XSF output does not contain any layout information. It is simply a data format that reflects the contents of the form. Therefore, a Web browser displays only the hierarchical structure of an XSF output. However, you can use SAP Smart Forms to transform XSF output to HTML. You can then integrate this HTML output into your Internet application in order to complete your business processes via electronic media rather then using printed mail. If you display a form in HTML format, you call this form an interactive web form or simply a web form (see: Web Forms for Internet Applications).

Output in HTML format includes additional output:

  • XSF output
  • A CSS stylesheet (CSS: Cascading StyleSheets)

SAP Smart Forms uses an XSLT program to transform XSF output to HTML. Even though you can access XSF output when creating HTML output, you can use only HTML output, into which the CSS stylesheet is automatically embedded, for the display. SAP Smart Forms passes these types of output in tables at the form interface.


You know how to activate XSF output dynamically. In contrast to the exclusive output of XSF (without HTML), SAP Smart Forms returns HTML only as a table.

Process Flow

Statically Activating XDF Output in the Form

  1. Select the Output Options tab of the Form Attributes. To activate HTML output statically, set the Output Format to XSF Output + HTML. As the Output Mode, only Application is possible (return as table).
  2. If there are input fields on the form that you want to evaluate after sending the form, you can specify a (relative) BSP page or any URL statically in the BSP Page/URL input field (see: Evaluating Form Input).
  3. Activate your form.

You can overrule the static setting when you call the Smart Form.

See also: Output Options

Dynamically Activating HTML Output in the Form

  1. Activate XSF output dynamically. To do this, set the XSFOUTMODE parameter to 'A'. You need not specify an output device for HTML output.
  2. In addition, set the XSFFORMAT parameter.

See also: Options for XML Output


For HTML output, SAP Smart Forms returns a number of structures and tables:

For more information on how to integrate Web forms into Internet applications, see to Integration in BSP Applications.