Maintenance of Styles with the Style Builder

The screen shot shows the Style Builder that you use to define Smart Styles. On the left, you see the style tree, which consists of predetermined nodes (header data, folder for paragraph formats, folder for character formats). You can navigate between the nodes and create new nodes. On the right, you see the maintenance screen with its tab pages (here, for example, standard settings for the font in the selected color blue). At the bottom right, you see the preview of the selected font.


To reuse styles, you can download a Smart Style locally on your PC and upload it again later, for example in a different system. To do this, choose Utilities ® Download or Utilities ® Upload.


  1. Choose transaction SMARTSTYLES.
    The Smart Styles initial window appears.

    You can also enter a style in the SAP Smart Forms initial screen (transaction SMARTFORMS) to branch to the Style Builder.

  2. Enter the style name.
  3. To create a Smart Style, choose Create.
  4. To activate the Smart Style, choose Activate.

To be able to use and transport a Smart Style in a Smart Form, you have to activate it first. During activation, the system checks the Smart Style for errors and, if necessary, displays an error list.