Output Control: Overview

The output control is determined by the inferior nodes of the root node Pages and Windows in the Form Builder. The nodes of the tree have different types and different characteristics as well (type of processing, number of inferior nodes, and so on). To most of the nodes you can assign output options and conditions (one exception, for example, is the program lines node, which has no output options since its content is not printed).

Processing an output control means processing the inferior nodes of the root node in the sequence in which they appear in the tree. A node itself is processed as follows:

  1. If a condition is assigned to the node, the system evaluates the condition. If the condition is false, the node including its inferior nodes is not processed.
  2. The system executes the action assigned to the node (such as printing a text in the window, processing program lines).
  3. The system processes the directly inferior nodes of the node in the tree. The processing sequence in this case depends on the node type (for example, sequentially from top to bottom, only at certain events, alternatively, repeatedly).
  4. If output options are assigned to the node, then these options apply for any output described by the node and its inferior nodes. If you assign individual output options to an inferior node (such as an individual style), these options overwrite the output options of the superior node for that inferior node.


You can use the following conditions for processing a node:

Output Options

You can determine the following output options:

  • Assignment of a Smart Style. In this case, the Smart Style set for the superior node is never used for output described by this node.
  • Page protection. Any output triggered by the node and its inferior nodes must be printed on one page; no page break is allowed.
  • Box and shading. Any output triggered by the node and its inferior nodes are framed or shaded as specified. For inferior nodes of tables and templates, no boxes or shadings are allowed. Boxes in these cases are pre-determined by the line type.
  • Specifying lines and cells of a template for output. You can specify in which line and/or cell you want the output of the inferior node to appear.