Maintenance of Text Modules


There are texts that frequently appear in your forms. You can use text modules to store these texts centrally in the system. This detaches text maintenance from form maintenance, with the result that you do not need to call the Form Builder to edit individual texts.


To include text modules in forms, you use text nodes. The text node can either refer to the text module or copy its text. In the latter case, you can change or supplement the text according to the requirements of the form.


Attributes of text modules

SAP Smart Forms provides a text module maintenance function that allows you to create and edit text modules. Like text nodes, text modules have the following attributes:

  • They can be used across clients
  • They are connected to the transport system
  • They are connected to the translation tools in the system

As a result of the last attribute, the logon language uniquely assigns a text module to a language. However, when you include a text module, you can also access any translations of this module, for example, to include an English text module in a German form.

Downloading and uploading text modules

In text module maintenance, you can also download the current text module to your local PC as a XML file so that you can upload it at a later time and use it again, for example, in another system. To do this, choose Utilities ® Download or Utilities ® Upload.


  1. From the SAP Smart Forms Initial Screen, go to text module maintenance.
  2. Check the data on the Management tab page. The language in which the text module is created can be found on this tab page under Language Attributes. On this tab, you also set the style to be used and other parameters for translation.
  3. Use the PC editor on the Text tab to enter your text.
  4. Once you have saved your text, you can include the text module in a form.