Field Syntax

You call a field by its name. This field name must correspond to the following rules:

  • The name must be enclosed in ampersand characters (' & ').
  • The name must not contain any blanks. It must not contain the characters '+() since they are used to define formatting options.
  • The name can be up to 130 characters long. However, for a distinction of the existing fields, the system uses only the first 32 characters.
  • There is no difference between uppercase and lowercase letters in field names. The field names &myfield& , &MYfield& and &MYFIELD& all identify the same field.
  • You cannot use the names of system fields for defining your own fields.

Fields that are placeholders for a structure refer to the contained fields by the minus character (' - ').

These are valid field names: &field& , &MY_field& , &KNA1-NAME1& , &SFSY-DATE& , &KNA1-UMSAT(I)&.