Command nodes contain commands for different application purposes. In most cases, you need the command node to insert a dynamic page break within the main window.


Command Name


Go to New Page

Dynamic page break. This command is allowed only within a main window.

Reset Paragraph Numbering

Initializes the counter of the specified outline paragraph and all paragraphs on inferior outline levels. It ignores paragraph formats without outline level.

Insert Printer Control

Sends a print control to the output device. Print controls are administered in the spool administration; during printing they are converted into printer-specific escape sequences. For general information, refer to Print Controls. In addition, you can use any existing SAPscript Print Controls.

Spool Attributes

You can use the table control in this group box to enter your own spool attributes:

  • As Attribute Name you can enter a new name for an attribute (without inverted commas and without ampersands ('&')). This attribute is appended to the spool request that you use to print your form.
  • As Attribute Value specify either a literal (in inverted commas) or a field name (without inverted commas and without ampersands ('&')). For a field name, the value of the spool attribute is determined dynamically.

The attributes are appended to the spool request. You can display them in the spool request overview (transaction SP01 ) using function Request Information on the Free Attributes tab.

The purpose of free attributes is to append application-specific information to the spool request, for example the first digit of a postal code for postage optimizing. You can evaluate the attributes using database table TSP02A (see also report RSPOPRNT ).