Select Layout


       1.      To select an existing layout for display of the ALV grid controls, choose   ® Select Layout. In full-screen mode, choose  or Settings  ® Layout ® Select.

In the Select Layout dialog box, you see a selection of existing layouts. By default, all existing layouts are displayed. You will see that Layout Setting: All is selected. You can restrict this by restricting the Layout Setting to User-Specific or Global.

The layouts are listed with the names of the layouts in the Layout column and a short description in the Layout Description column.

If a list is always displayed with a set layout, this means a default layout is set.

From the Default Setting column you can see whether this layout was created as a layout default setting. You cannot define your own default setting. To make a default setting, see Saving Layouts and Layout Management.

If there is already a layout for ALV grid control, the row for the corresponding layout is marked.

To sort the columns of the dialog box, click on the appropriate column header. The column is sorted in ascending order. If you click on the column header again, the column is sorted in descending order.

       2.      To select on of these layouts, click on a row. This layout is adopted for ALV Grid Control.